Floral Pants
Side-Split Pants
Striped Side-Split Pants
Striped Palazzo Pants
Striped Button Pull-On Pants
Button-Capri Pull-On Pants
Button Pull-On Capri Pants
Puff Print Border Palazzo Pants
Puff Print Palazzo Pants
Solid Palazzo Pants
Zip-Up Hem Double Weave Soft Pant
Printed Long Palazzo Pants
Crinkle Cropped Palazzo Pants
Floral Pants
Pom-Pom Hem Ankle Pant
Striped Floral Border Trousers
Embroidered-Hem Pull-On Pants
Floral Capri Pants
Paisley Floral Pants
Gingham Pom-Pom Hem Ankle Pant
Solid Pom-Pom pants
Super Stretch Pull-On Capri Pants
Signature Fit Double Weave Ankle Pants
Studded Pull On Ankle Pants
Super Stretch Dotted Ankle Pants
Split Ankle Pull On Trousers
Studded Bow Super Stretch Pants
Ankle Joggers
Solid Pull-On Ankle Pant
Secret Agent Sailor Pull-On Trouser Pants
Secret Agent Sailor Pull-On Trouser Pants,  Short Length
Animal-Tied Detail Pants
Jacquard Ankle-Button Pants
Signature Fit Ankle Pants
Secret Agent Pull-On Trouser Pants, Tall
Studded Split Ankle Pull-On Pants
JONES STUDIO® Pull On Trousers
Square Pattern Pull-On Trousers
Polka Dotted Ankle Pants
Belted Slim Ankle Pants
Striped Roll Cuff Ankle Pants
Scratch-Printed Ankle Pants
Classic Fit Super Stretch Pull-On Pants

Women's Pants

Looking for a new addition to your closet? We have just the thing! Dressbarn's full collection of women's pants has a variety of styles you are sure to love. Looking for a pant to wear around the house or run errands in? Our ladies' leggings are sure to keep you comfortable, yet stylish all day long. Headed to the office? Our women's trousers are the perfect go-to for an office-ready outfit.

Discover the perfect partner for your new pants in our collection of women's tops and sweaters.