The Dressbarn, Inc. - Supply Chain Transparency

The Dress Barn, Inc. ("dressbarn") strives to ensure that our products are produced in a socially responsible manner.  dressbarn has implemented policies designed to ensure the absence of slavery and human trafficking, including forced labor or child labor, in our supply chain. We have developed a vendor compliance program that includes the vendor's agreement to and certification of compliance standards which are intended to eliminate abusive employment practices.  dressbarn's vendor compliance program includes initial facility verification, and ongoing audits of our product supply chain by means of announced and unannounced visits to our vendors' facilities by independent third-party representatives and dressbarn employees to determine whether the facility complies with applicable employment and human rights laws. dressbarn's vendor compliance program allows for procedures for corrective action plans and other disciplinary measures of any vendor who is found to violate these laws or standards, up to and including termination of the business relationship. In addition, our foreign vendors are required to certify materials used in the production of dressbarn's products comply with applicable employment and human rights laws. Participation in this program is mandatory for all dressbarn foreign vendors.

dressbarn also conducts training concerning our vendor compliance program and standards to ensure that those employees directly responsible for supply chain management are knowledgeable and aware of the issues and concerns surrounding the supply chain, including slavery and human trafficking, with an emphasis on mitigating risk.

Last update: 12/28/11